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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 84!

Go Eagles!!

Carter is almost 3.25 years old, and he's growing into such a sweet little man right before our eyes. Here are some fun facts about him!

Carter, at 3 year old you:
  • Love Star Wars, and ALL Super heros
  • Are great at picking on your sister, but you have loads of love for her at the same time =)
  • Can count to 13 (from there, you go to we are working on that!)
  • Still take a nap, pretty much everyday..even though, you think you don't need to!
  • LOVE to go to the park, and ride your bikes
  • Are getting used to preschool, and have met many new friends! 
  • Still call a lawn mower, a mow rower!
  • Love to snuggle, and read books
  • are the sweetest, busiest little boy ever..and we LOVE you to death!!


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