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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 82!

I am a little late doing this post, but Happy 9 Months to my sweet baby girl!! Seriously, where has time gone?

Sadie, at 9 months you-
  • are 19 lbs 8oz
  • are a little ball of FIRE (you have a big temper!)
  • are crawling, and pulling up on everything
  • still only have two teeth
  • had your first ear infection =(
  • got your ears pierced!
  • bite everything, and anything when you get angry (including trying to bite your tubby water. It didn't work out too well for you!)
  • discovered the dog food, and water
  • say Momma, Dadda, and Nana
  • shake your head "no"...all...the...time...
  • LOVE to eat
  • are currently waking in the middle of the night. Can we please go back to your twelve hour sleep stretch??
  • are a sweet, lovable, fun little girl with a spunk. We love you SO much!


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