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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sadie turn(ed) two!

So yeah, I guess I will do Sadie's two year old post now, 3 months later. Hey, that's better than 6 months, right?

Sadie at two years old you...
Are 34 inches
Weigh 25 pounds
Are full of spunk!
Love to watch Dora, Diego and Tickety Toc
Adore your brother (but you guys still have your moments)
Love to play blocks, and with your babies
Look forward to your music class every week
Are the best singer I have ever listened to!! (I will need to post a video)
Sleep all night in your big girl bed, and take a nap MOST days.
Have no interest in the potty
Have a big fat temper and you know what you want
But above all, you are sweet and cuddly and funny and loving and I am SO blessed to be your mommy! Here's to two being your best year yet. I love you baby girl!


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