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Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Carter!

Where has the time gone?? Carter is 4! It seems like just yesterday, we were bring him home.

  • Carter at 4 years, you are 34 lbs, and 40 inches. You're finally eating more and being less picky. You gained 2 lbs since May!
  • You love music, specifically the Fresh Beat Band, and you love to play musical instruments.
  • You are very into superheroes; your favorite is Captain America.
  • You are still taking a nap most days. We're trying to cut that out, since you start Pre-K soon!
  • You love your sister very much, and you two play pretty well together. Sometimes you get a little rough, but that's what Big brothers are for, right??
  • You bedtime is 8, but recently it's been 9.
  • You are kind, and sweet. I have never met a little boy as caring as you are. Your daddy and I are so blessed! 


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