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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 65!

Eight short months ago, our sweet Sadie was born. It's crazy to think how much she has grown. I remember the early days when she was screaming bloody murder for hours at night, and I would tell myself.."this too shall pass." Well, sure enough it did, and now we have a happy, fun-loving little girl. I know one thing, I'm no where NEAR ready for her to turn one. I'm loving every second of her first year. She's definitely getting her own little personality, and she LOVES to eat! She still only has one tooth, but she can sure chew! She has a little bit of a temper (okay, maybe MORE than a little bit!), and she shrieks at you when you make her mad. She hates to get her finger nails clipped, and I practically have to sit on her to do it. She scotches somewhat, but she isn't crawling yet. She does get up on her hands and knees, but she hasn't gotten brave enough yet to make the move. (Not that I am in a hurry!!) Carter is the only one who can REALLY make her giggle. She's much more serious than he ever was, but she sure loves her big brother!

Here she is at 8 months...

 Can you tell she was OVER the pictures??
And here's our crazy little boy dancing to the Backyardigan's in his Woody PJ's!


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