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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Grocery Store? That's a one person job!

This weekend, Matt and I quickly discovered that a family outing to the grocery store WAS NOT a good idea!

Mistake #1-We didn't make a list (we only needed a few things, and had them in our head).
Mistake#2-Two kids in tow, who just happened to meltdown at the same time!

By the time we entered the store, neither of us could think. Sadie cried every time Matt stopped pushing the cart. Carter insisted on kicking me in the legs. It was a mess. What did we need? At that point neither of us could remember. We ended up walking around, and throwing random things in the cart. It was like our minds went blank. Once we got home, we realized we forgot half of what we needed. Moral to the story-only one of us will be going to the store from now on...the other, will be staying home with the kids. (Oh, and we'll make a list!)


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